General Environmental Policy

It is the policy of the Company to plan, conduct and monitor its operations using the best practicable means to protect the environment from impairment. The concepts of Best Practicable Environmental Option (BPEO) and duty of care will be implemented to establish high standards of operation in all the Company’s activities.

Environmental Responsibility

All management within the Company’s Health and Safety programme have the additional responsibility for ensuring the Company’s policy is implemented, monitored and modified in accordance with existing and future legislation.

Operational Policy

  1. Assess in advance the environmental impact of any significant new development.
  2. Operate and maintain vehicles in a responsible manner providing the maximum practicable environmental protection.
  3. Respect any wildlife on the premises.
  4. Where possible, recycle waste and/or ensure its proper disposal.

Communication Policy

Make available to employees, customers, the public and statutory authorities relevant information about the Company’s activities that affect health, safety and the environment.

Implementation Policy

  1. Make all employees aware of our environmental policy, provide suitable training to improve environmental awareness and allocate clear responsibilities.
  2. Operate and update systems and procedures, as applicable, for our operation and their monitoring to ensure compliance with the policy.
  3. Produce an ongoing programme of specific environmental objectives and monitor the Company’s progress.

Company Environmental Strategy

  1. The Company will, so far as is reasonably practicable:
  2. Record raw material and energy usage, wastes and emissions.
  3. Seek opportunities to turn waste into profitable by-products or to recycle and explore the possibility of more effective and economic methods for waste disposal.
  4. Encourage employees to provide suggestions for improvement.
  5. Use a registered waste disposal company to dispose of waste to appropriate disposal sites.
  6. When using contractors, make sure they conform to the Company’s standards.
  7. Monitor performance and make sure there is regular review.

Environmental Action Programme

Our environmental action programme determines the specific objectives for environmental control, providing guidelines for Company personnel who have the responsibility for ensuring that the objectives are met.

  1. Management involvement – managers at all levels throughout the Company must take individual responsibility to ensure that environmental issues are considered carefully when making decisions or when planning and controlling work.
  2. Workplace involvement – all employees will be made aware of their individual responsibilities for acting in accordance with the environmental policy
  3. Waste reduction and recycling – careful consideration will be given to the elimination or minimisation of waste at source and the recycling or reuse of materials.
  4. Waste disposal – disposal and transport of wastes off site will be carried out in a responsible manner with due regard to all environmental considerations.  The Company will endeavour to minimise spillages and use only bunded tanks for the storage of fuel oil.  The Company will maintain good housekeeping as part of our system of compliance.
  5. Effects on the community – noise, odour, atmospheric emissions, traffic and other aspects of the Company’s activities which can affect the local community will be controlled to the   lowest practical level and will be conducted during normal working hours wherever possible. The Company will seek to be a good neighbour and improve the aesthetic appearance of the site, where practical.
  6. Complaints – the Company will continue to develop the existing system for handling complaints from individuals or from local organisations and make every effort to provide an efficient and friendly channel of communication.