Trees Subject to TPO and Conservation Area

To find out if your trees are protected, S&D Landscapes will contact your local Planning Authority. If your trees are protected, we will on your behalf take care of all planning permission to do any tree surgery.

If you remove trees or do work to them without permission you could be prosecuted so it is important that you follow the correct process. When applying to the local planning authority to carry out work on a tree you will usually receive a decision within 6 weeks for Conservation Areas and 2 months for TPOs and planning conditions. If you want to remove trees, you may be required to plant replacements of the same species and in the same location.

Not all trees are protected

But any tree is eligible for protection, regardless of age, species or size but no trees are automatically protected. There are three ways in which a tree or woodland might have been given some sort of legal protection:

  1. A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) has been made at some time;
  2. A planning condition has been made at some time to cover a tree;
  3. The tree is within a conservation area (however, this one is not strictly protection, but requires that the owner gives notice to the council of their intention to carry out Tree Work).

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) are made under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and the Town and Country Planning (Trees) Regulations 1999. It is always advisable if in doubt to check if your trees are protected.

If you would like to discuss your Tree Care needs with a qualified arborist then please give us a call today.