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Caring for trees in hazardous areas

Caring for Trees in Wakefield, Leeds, Huddersfield and everywhere in between…

Here at S&D Landscapes we offer a wide range of services within the arboriculture field, popular services include Tree Coppicing, Tree Felling, Crown Reduction, Crown Lifting & Hedge Trimming to name a few (Click to view full Details of our Tree Care Services)


What is Tree Surgery?

Tree Surgery, Arborists, Tree Care – what’s it all about?

Tree surgery is a large feature in the cultivation, management and study of trees, shrubs and other plants. This means that it is a professional practice within arboriculture. Arborists do not work with forests or large areas of plants, but continually focus on the health of individual trees and plants. More specifically, a tree surgeon is a horticultural engineer who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of trees. This often includes the climbing of trees to reach the area that needs attention.