A comprehensive range of Hard Landscaping Services:

Hard landscaping is the term given to landscape architecture and garden design. It also describes the construction materials which are used to improve a landscape by detail and design. From paving to patios, hard landscaping elements are the foundations that give an outdoor space structure and individuality.

Unlike soft landscaping, such as flowers and lawn, hard landscaping is the base structure, the stuff that comes first and which everything else can be designed around. Therefore, you must have an existing hard landscape in order to complete an outdoor area with the smaller details through soft landscaping.

There are many services included in the field of landscaping, including paving, paths, drainage, lighting, fencing, seating and much more. This means that a multitude of different outdoor designs can be brought to life through construction work with hard materials.

  • Paved areas, patios and decking
  • Timber, concrete or brick edging
  • Shelters and pergolas
  • Playgrounds and equipment
  • Rock and stone features
  • Sculptures and water fountains
  • Bollards, barriers and entry control
  • Driveways and car parks
  • Garden rockery areas

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