Stone & Brick Wall Construction Yorkshire

S&D Landscapes have decades of experience in building all types of brick and stone walls as part of the Domestic & Commercial landscaping projects we have undertaken for our clients. Whether you need a wall for cosmetic or structural purposes, our expertise will ensure you get exactly what you need and that all work is carried out with health and safety as a priority.

We have built brick and stone-work walls for customers across the region and can advise on the best choices of materials for your project.

Gabion Walls

Gabions are suitable for a whole variety of applications and typically you will find their use in some of the following situations; stabilising of earth movement and erosion, river control, reservoirs, canal refurbishment, landscaping and retaining walls.

They are technically a practical solution and are manufactured in welded mesh or woven wire. But often they can contribute to a beautiful look depending on the material used to fill them.

Gabions can also be used as cladding and can provide an attractive finish to buildings, walls and many other situations.

Crib Walls

Crib walls are constructed by interlocking individual units made from timber, pre-cast concrete or metal members. Due to their precast nature, installation of such a walling system is fast. Crib walls use less concrete than a concrete gravity wall and so reduce the environmental impact constructing such a wall purely from concrete would have.

They are commonly used with compacted embankments, cuttings and bridge approaches. They can also be used for permanent and temporary structures.