Are Quotations Free?

Yes. We will visit site and assess the extent of works required and provide a quotation at ‘no cost’ to the client.

Do you belong to any trade organisation?

How long does an average project take?

It depends on what is involved in the project and the time of year. We will give you an indication when the project is quoted for.

Are you willing to come to site to advise on work required?

Yes, we do not charge for providing an estimate

I don't know the difference between 'hard' & 'soft' landscaping?

Hard landscaping comprises paving, driveways, wall construction and fencing. Soft landscaping comprises with planting of trees and shrubs using both containerised stock and bare root plants, also turfing,seeding and often soiling.

Here are a few of the common questions we are asked. Want to ask us something else? then no problem - simply visit our contact page